It’s the stuff of movies… Driving along the coast in a sporty convertible, sun setting against the ocean in a blaze of color, handsome, romantic and generous man sitting beside me, wind blowing through my hair…. All of this while the seductive saxophone begins to play~ No, seriously. It was exactly like that!  Let me start from the beginning: I was in my early 20’s
  Bonnie    February 15, 2019    0
I’m just going to say it….deep breath…be strong…you’ve got this… I’m.  Not.  Getting.  Any.  Younger. OUCH!!!        that NEVER gets easier… But now that we have that out in the open,  it’s actually the reason I’m starting this blog. I was driving to a Casino in Louisiana…don’t judge…we’ll “go there” some other time. It was 2 hours in my car with only Sirius XM’s
  Bonnie    March 6, 2017    0