A Blog Was Born

I’m just going to say it….deep breath…be strongyou’ve got this…

I’m.  Not.  Getting.  Any.  Younger.

OUCH!!!        that NEVER gets easier…

But now that we have that out in the open,  it’s actually the reason I’m starting this blog.

I was driving to a Casino in Louisiana…don’t judge…we’ll “go there” some other time.

It was 2 hours in my car with only Sirius XM’s Garth Brooks channel and my little brain seemed to be conjuring up memories with just about every song being played.

I was transported back and forth like a ping-pong ball and in this particular game I felt victorious!

It was a revelation

As many of us do I love, love, love music and I can so clearly pinpoint a time in my life that is reflected back to me when I hear a certain song.

***question:  Why can I remember every single word of a song from 25 years ago yet forget what I had for lunch yesterday?????

That was kinda rhetorical…cuz I had Mexican food yesterday  booyah!  — a sweet little neighborhood place with horrible service and delicious food.

Sorry, I’m easily distracted.  Can you say “Squirrel!!”

Anywhoo (I recommend saying “anywhoo” like they do in Minnesota dontcha know)…I know I could have “made it” as a singer if I’d had the right support, different parents, more money — perhaps, oh I don’t know….music/singing lessons

***tidbit:  lessons not entirely necessary since I sound AMAZING in my car – eat  your heart out Adele

Armed with this absolute, unbiased truth – as well as amped up by my recent binge watching YouTube self-help videos instructing me to “own my true self-worth” – I started thinking…no, KNOWING…what I had to do


Write a blog about ME!!

Well, actually I will write about an incident/memory/period of my life that directly relates to the song that inspired it.

As I narrowed in on my Casino destination, ideas came flooding fast and furious.

For Example:

To help in understanding the connection I will include the link to the original song…AND

wait for it….

wait for it….

I will personally perform a piece of the song that is/was for me the most impactful and I intend to do this with VIDEO.

***interesting note:  I have never made a video much less posted one on the web…YouTube anyone?? 

On a deeper and more meaningful level, I thought this was a way of chronicling my life for my daughter (who just turned  lucky 13yikes!!!!!).

She can watch these whenever – IF EVER – she wants to and hopefully come away with a smile and bit more insight into her mom.

Oh stop it…I’m getting a little choked up here…tissues please….

Regardless of what happened at the slots I felt I was already a winner.

There you have it Ladies and Gentleman,

A Blog Was Born




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